Cub Getaway

Cub Getaway is the perfect spring experience!

Get ready to laugh, relax, and make memories with your youth during Cub Getaway at Camp Sheppard! The activities are all designed to engage youth and adults together, support your relationship and help your Scout grow.

Camp Sheppard is an ideal location to enjoy the outdoors while making memories that will last a lifetime. With heated bunk houses and food service provided this experience is great for all!

* This event is for Cub Scout aged youth only (K-5th), it is also open to non-Scout families.  Those with Lion-aged (Kindergarten) youth will need to attend the “Saturday Only” option, if your youth is Tiger-aged (1st Grade) and up to Webelos age (5th Grade) you may can select either an Overnight or Saturday Only option.


Cub Getaway

2024 Cub Getaway at Camp Sheppard

Registration Information


Overnight Program- April 20-21

              Cost- $120.00 per person

              Includes: Lunch and Dinner Saturday, Breakfast on Sunday

Day Program – April 20

              Cost- $80.00 per person

              Includes: Lunch and Dinner Saturday

    Camp Sheppard, 65301 SR 410 E, Enumclaw, WA

For questions and reservation information contact the Camping Department at 206-725-0361 or email