The Commisioner’s Call – October 2022

As you have probably heard there have been a lot of changes at the District / Council Level in the last couple of months. By creating “Territorial Service Areas” the Council hopes to provide a better method to coordinate among the 4 Territories; Camporees, Klondikes Day Camps, etc., to enhance program offerings Council-wide.   Our Territory is comprised of two Districts Lake Shores and Northern Trails.  District volunteers will be working together to capitalize on efficiencies as much as possible.  This will include merging our former monthly District Roundtables into one Territorial Roundtable.  Check your Newsletter or Territory Website regularly to see where Roundtable will be held since we’ll be moving almost monthly.  We will still offer the Zoom meeting connection using our new equipment that allows for hybrid online and physical attendance.   

One of the changes is that I will now be serving as your Territorial Commissioner.  Jack Chicken will remain the Northern Trails District Commissioner and we are looking for a new Lake Shores District Commissioner.  Those two Positions will focus on the needs and support of the Units within their District.   To that end, our chief focus will be to strengthen current Units and start new ones. 

Unit strength begins with 3 key things membership, leadership, and program.   In order for a Unit to be strong with many members who have trained leaders who help present or guide a good program that retains and draws in new members.  Covid has caused a lot of institutional knowledge to be lost.  As a result, we lost too many Units, because one of the 3 elements had been lost.  We are striving to Recruit Scouts at all levels, particularly at the Cub Level.  We’re going to focus on recruiting new adult volunteers and making required training available and attended by all who need it.  Finally, we will still help with program offerings and training, so that adults can lead or guide their Unit into presenting a quality program.  We have a lot ahead of us folks but this Territorial Service Area has had and will continue to have the ability to make so many young people have a great Scouting Experience!

Our offerings for Roundtable this month are –

  • Cubs – Using Peach Tree to get info out to parents about Scouts
  • Scouts BSA – Recruiting Ideas: Traditional and New methods to grow your unit.

Bill Archer, Your Lakes and Trails Territory Service Area Commissioner