Klondike Arrival. Parking, and Checkout


If you like, you can have a small group or advanced party, show up after 2:00 PM on Friday to select a campsite on a FIRST-COME-FIRST SERVED BASIS. A staff member will assist you in locating a camping site.

To avoid traffic congestion, vehicles are not allowed at the campsites. All vehicles except identified staff vehicles must park in the designated parking area.

Distances between campsites and the competition sites are relatively small and within easy travel range. Be prepared to hike your camping gear to your campsite.

Please mark your campsite in some manner (signs, troop flag, surveyors flagging, etc.) to indicate your boundaries. This helps everyone easily locate your group.

Friday night “Winter Over” unit check-in will be open between the hours of 4 pm to 10 pm. Saturday morning check-in will be from 8 am to 9 am. Scoutmasters and/or Senior Patrol Leaders should check in at the Headquarters area during these times.

Please be prepared as follows:
     1. Bring the following (copies of all registration forms):
            ● Your copy of the Unit Registration Form
            ● Copy of the BSA Health form parts A and B, which should include a copy of the family insurance card, for each scout and adult attending.
      2. Give your final list of patrols, including the patrol name. We will accept patrols with up to but no more than 10 Scouts. The ideal size is from 5 – 8 scouts. Patrols that are smaller than this could be challenged at some of the events.
      3. Copy of your Tour Permit (if you are outside the Chief Seattle Council and need one).

No one will be admitted without a BSA Health form! This is a National policy.


Checkout hours are Saturday after the closing. Troops must have their campsites inspected before they are allowed to checkout and receive Klondike Challenge patches. All equipment must be removed from the campsite before checkout. Proof of registration is required to receive Klondike Challenge patches and awards.

Please note that parking spaces are limited and certain portions of the roadway are narrow.

Parking will be $5 per vehicle to help pay for the management of this process. Trailers are an additional $5.

Carpooling is strongly encouraged. Some of these areas will be restricted for safety reasons and to permit access by emergency vehicles. To avoid traffic congestion, all vehicles except identified staff vehicles must park in the designated parking area. Your cooperation in not parking in restricted areas is extremely important to the safety of the Klondike. Parking in campsites is not permitted unless special permission is obtained for good reasons (e.g. a handicapped person needing close access to a vehicle.) A Klondike parking permit will be provided.