Klondike Challenge Events and Awards

So you have an idea, here is the list of events we are considering for this year. We always change several around each year to keep things interesting!
● Bunny Blast BB Shoot
● Salmon Toss
● Ice Fishing
● Salmon Fry Transfer
● Signal Tower
● Snowballs Chance in Heck
● Forging Onward
● Smoosh Boarding
● Saw and Brand
● Hobo Stove
● Compass Challenge
● Panning for Gold
● Ice Rescue
● Surviving Klondike
● Panning for Gold
● Archery

Each team will need a sturdy homemade pouch to carry their gold nuggets in. This can be made from leather or canvas with a drawstring. Or a Ziploc baggie will work in a pinch but is so boring!

There is an element of competition/challenge and subsequent reward/recognition to the Klondike Challenge. Patrols will be judged on the completion of the event. Patrols may participate in an event more than one time, but only one occurrence will count towards the total score. The more events completed, the higher the award level. There will be three award categories that patrols will be striving for:

Cheechakos –  Greenhorn, tenderfoot, newbie, inexperienced in mining or surviving Alaskan winters, “Thanks for showing up” award, as long as you successfully complete at least some minimum number events you should achieve this.
Prospectors –  Somewhere in-between. You have not “struck gold” yet but are on your way there. Your patrol still needs some more seasoning and experience.
Sourdoughs  – Highest honor, after a certain amount or time or experience, one becomes a “sourdough”, you have arrived and know your stuff. You have struck it rich!

A patrol’s performance at each event will be scored for their level of knowledge or accomplishment and for teamwork. Some points would be given for accomplishment and some for teamwork and scout spirit. Scores are totaled and patrols are “awarded” according to the level they have attained.

Your reward at each event will be gold nuggets for your pouch!

Patrols should plan on preparing a hot lunch for midday on the Klondike Trail. Bonuses may be available if you let the staff test your wares! Outstanding lunch menus will be recognized at closing. Presentation, preparation, flavor, teamwork, etc. will be considered in the score.