Klondike Derby at Camp Koinonia 2

2024 Klondike Derby - Camp Koinonia
Can YOU cross the Chilkoot Pass?

Embark on a thrilling journey that blends skill, teamwork, and the essence of exploration. Our Klondike derbies guarantee an unforgettable adventure for both scouts and leaders. Encounter various challenges where scouts showcase their abilities through a series of exhilarating competitions. Commemorate camaraderie, outdoor expertise, and the unbeatable spirit of scouting in an event that will create lasting memories for all those who embrace the Klondike Derby expedition. Prepare to forge a path of courage, resilience, and friendship in this extraordinary escapade!

Registration is closed.  See you next year!

Prerequisite Forms and Information

Annual Health & Medical Record Link
National BSA policy requires Scouts and adults attending resident camp to complete Parts A & B with Part C highly recommended

Cancelation/Refund Policy

For more information, please contact events@seattlebsa.org.

Three Parts of the Klondike Challenge

Winter Over!

This is car camping, with camp setup by candle and Coleman lantern. If you can’t handle tenting, there are LIMITED cabins available on a first come first served basis. BONUS: If you stay Saturday night, Sunday morning breakfast will be free!

Winter Prepared!

The first event will be to pass inspection on your sled, patrol gear, and most important, your personal gear. Without the proper gear, your patrol will not proceed from the  Chilkoot pass inspection station.

Challenge Events!

These events are the heart of Klondike! Once you start each event, your patrol must complete the event to the satisfaction of your Klondike event evaluator then move on to the next challenge. The patrols with the most successfully completed events will be rewarded.